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What I Discovered About Getting Older

By: Colette Toach

Thirty Five came and went and I knew what was going to happen. My greatest fear and everything that I had heard growing up, “When a woman reaches 35 it is downhill from there."

I am not so sure where I got this message, but it was like an echo in my mind. One of those scary voices that you hear calling you like in one of those horror movies where the bad guy follows you around whispering from the shadows.

So I waited for it with a tremor in my belly. So thirty-five came and went. Then thirty-six… thirty seven… thirty eight... After a few years I started to notice that the voice in my nightmares was starting to wane as a new reality dawned on me.

I had just entered the best phase of my life! I came to discover that a new level of femininity had started to blossom. I embraced a whole new level of womanhood. I had started to get comfortable in my skin and the curves that I thought were just “too much” were now a feature, instead of an irritation.

Perhaps it is because as we get older that we learn to accept things more, but I know that for myself it was coming to a knowledge of the woman God had made me to be. Not only was I uniquely and wonderfully made, but those soft curves of mine made me all woman, and no one could take me away from that.

As you get older, you start experiencing benefits that you never had as a young girl. People start to take you seriously and you start to experience the wealth of life through your kids and relationships.

Now if you have not come to this place yet, then it is high time that you do!

I love this passage because of its beautiful imagery:

Proverbs 5:18 May your fountain be blessed, and may you rejoice in the wife of your youth.

19 A loving doe, a graceful deer-- may her breasts satisfy you always, may you ever be captivated by her love. (NIV)

If you are to captivate your husband and be a woman that stands in the fullness of your beauty, then you must come to appreciate the womanhood that you already have.

As I went through this change, there are things that helped me through the process that I want to share with you. I hope they also give you the boost you need to flourish in your femininity!

1. A New Image

The first part of my process started as I was desperately trying to find something that flattered me when I took my teenage daughters shopping. I was devastated! Nothing looked right. Either it made me look fat or the colors made me shine like a beacon in the night.

After a depressing afternoon of browsing the usual stores I went to, Craig looked me squarely and said, “Babe you are shopping in the wrong stores! You are not a girl any more – you are a woman and it is not you that is wrong, you are just trying to fit into the wrong image!”

I took this from my husband and we went in search of some new stores. I discovered that there were a host of stores that were geared just towards me! Not only did I feel good in something new, but I looked good too! Trying on this new image made me feel and look younger.

If you want to look younger – CHANGE THE STORE YOU ARE SHOPPING AT! Do not think you will find something “great” in the store that teenagers shop at. Walk into a store and see who is buying clothes there. If everyone there is 20 years younger than you… go find something else. Wearing something like you did “in the day” just screams “I am having a midlife crisis here!”

Allow the Lord to lead you here. He is your tender father and He can lead you to the right places. Involve your husband or a male friend that you can trust to give you honest feedback and you will come out of there feeling like a new woman!

2. Get Naked!

I already taught you to accept your figure in my Esther Effect Mailing List (You can subscribe to the right). This is even more true of where you are right now. If you are married, your husband has seen all that there needs to be seen and he is still around. So you might as well embrace the fact that this is who you are and have some fun with it!

When you make love are you still trying to hide your ugly sides? Are you too afraid to walk naked in the open because you are terrified to catch your reflection in the mirror? It is time to stop this thinking!

Strip off and walk naked around your bedroom! Get comfortable in your skin and take a good look in the mirror and accept what you see. As you get comfortable in your skin, your husband will start to feel comfortable around you too.

You will start to relax and enjoy your intimate times more because you will be more concerned with just pouring out than what you look like!

3. Learning to Laugh

Stop being so serious! Because I work so much with women in ministry, I have to remind them often about the joy of being a woman, wife and mother.

This is the wealth of life ladies! Life means to love and be loved. To be feminine and revel in the beauty God has given us! So often you can get driven by work and the “to do” list that you forget to just laugh and ENJOY LIFE!

Are you married? Then ENJOY being married. Enjoy the fact that you have someone’s shoulder to cry on and that you can have sex any time you want and enjoy it as well! There are many single women out there who wish they had any kind of marriage. So get back to basics and enjoy this precious gift God has given to you instead of always trying to fix it!

Are you single? Then enjoy taking the time to dress up before you go out each day. Enjoy the fact that you can look at other single men and appreciate the gift of masculinity that God has put into the earth! Enjoy the fact that you can just “get up and go” and have times to yourself.

So often you can get hung up on being single that you forget to enjoy the moment. Trust me, you will not be single forever – so why not just make an effort to enjoy what you do have before you enter a new season of life?

Do not waste your days being so caught up on the future that you forget to enjoy the blessings that God has given you today! 

So all in all… I am loving getting older! I am loving transforming into a new person year by year. There are so many good things that lies ahead of us and while the “breasts of our youth” might change shape and dimension, when you are proud of them, they will satisfy your man and give you a boost of confidence for the rest of your life!



Responses Posted For This Page

Response from QUEEN : I can really agree to this article been married and now widowed but am really enjoying being single. I have gotten to know the real me that I never took time to know or was too busy taking care of others to pay attention to me. Whatever stage you are at take time to enjoy it.

Response from Sophia : Thank you so much for this. It's good to know that I'm not that different. I'm single, but enjoying my life. My 40's have been the best years of that life. I am certain that I won't be single forever, probably not long. I have plenty of suitors, but I haven't met the right one just yet. So as I thank God for the masculinity around me, I also thank Him for my peace, independence and having a choice in the matter.

Response from Sharon : Thank you for showing me to appreciate and accept who i am and what i have as a female at every stage. God bless you.

Response from Catherine : Thank you for these words of encouragement. My husband
Went to haven last year, I miss
Him so much, I am the founder of my
Own ministry, I have five children, three grandbabies, I just wrote a book, and I can't wait to get married again, I miss the companion , and I am glad I found your site

Response from simla ragoonath : Your message of being content in the season we are is great. Sometimes we stop liking ourselves as we grow in age. However our inner beauty becomes greater as we keep on trusting God.This trust and the renewing of the inner beauty keeps us beautiful outside.Wish to hear from yo as gain.God
bless you.

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