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Mom, is that you?

Colette Toach

I thought I would be tough. I could handle the pain and do it the "natural" way like women had done it generations before. Well that is what I said BEFORE it all started.

Only 20 years old and halfway into labor with my first child, all decency and convictions flew out the window as each contraction came.

My husband's "all together" wife started to NOT have it all together!


"I am sure he will be here love...any minute now"

"He should have been here by NOW. What takes this long?!?"

"It's ok love...just relax..."

"RELAX!? RELAX!?! YOU relax! I want that epidural NOW!"

Ok, so maybe I was not as calm and collected as I thought I would be the first time round. Six and a half hours later though my sanity returned and I sat on the operating table cradling my first born. A little girl called Deborah-Anne.

Slowly she opened her eyes and stared up at me. Craig and I could only hold one another as a single tear fell down my cheek. Here she was. Both of us joined in one little body. Craig took her gently in his arms, nervous that he would drop her.

More emotional than I had ever seen him before, he held her up to the Lord and together we dedicated her life to Him. We knew that the Lord had a special purpose for her. The responsibility of that weighed heavily on us.

We still felt like kids ourselves. Barely married a year and battling in a struggling economy. What did our future hold from that moment? How we would work things out did not matter at that point. What mattered to me the most was, "what kind of mother would I be?"

As I put her to my breast for the first time she let out a deep sigh and snuggled into me. Almost as if she was saying, "Mom, is that you?" Our journey had just begun and so did my adventure on learning that being a mother was about more than changing diapers.

Join me now as I learned something not many women do. Through my own experiences as a mother, the Lord could help me relive and overcome some of my own experiences as a child. He taught me how important a mother's role was in a child's life. I also learned the devastating effects it has on a child when a mother fails.

So let's take an intimate look into your life. Let us go back to the day YOU were born and you looked up at your mother for the first time. What events followed on from there?

Just a Little Girl

Children are born trusting. It is why the Lord Himself said we need to be as a little child. We loved to show off and have our parents say, "Wow! You are so clever!"

Just go to a neighborhood playground and watch the kids playing. You see the pattern everywhere. It is really not good enough to fly down the slide headfirst, unless someone important is watching. Even the most expressive child will stand for ages at the top of the slide yelling, "Mom Look! Mom Look!" before taking a daredevil leap onto that slide.

What mom thinks matters. What mom says matters. If mom does not like what I do and mom does not show me love, it makes me doubt myself.

Perhaps you were one of the kids at the top of the slide who cried out so desperately for the attention, but instead of the eager response got a, "Will you keep quiet, I am busy now!" Over time a child that is put down and not just accepted for who they are, starts to get confused.

Children are amazing though. They just do not give up. They will keep trying. They will keep shouting and waiting. We thank the Lord for the resilience He has put into us!

We Just Keep on Trying

So as a child you would have tried harder to get that attention. She was your mom, what she says about you means the whole world. Unfortunately though, parents are not born with a supernatural ability to take care of kids. They only know what was passed onto them by their own folks. So if there was a break in the chain somewhere along the line, they got the short end of the stick.

They think that bringing up a child means forming them into the "perfect someone." Someone they wish they were.

So when you came home with B's on your report card, they asked you where the A's were. You came second in the race, but they asked why you did not come first. You are proud of the job you did, but the neighbor's kids did better. So you say to yourself, "I just gotta try harder next time."

Unfortunately though you are so busy running around trying to become what you THINK you must be, that you lose any sense of what God really made you to be. You leave home and hit a big fat wall. You ask yourself that devastating question...

Who Am I?

You have been performing for that acceptance for so many years now, that you do not KNOW who You really are. What YOU like and what YOU want in life. Add ministry and motherhood to that and you are exhausted trying to wear all those hats.

Always falling short. Always failing and always trying, the goal is forever out of your reach. You get to the point where you just cannot do it anymore. You are tired and want to run away. People misunderstand you and no matter how hard you try to make everyone happy, no one ever is.

Perhaps it even seems at times like your husband does not understand. You can stand in a crowded room and feel so lonely. You want to run home, pull the covers over your head and forget about the world for the moment.

Reality Check

1. You do not have to be perfect!

2. You already ARE where God wants you to be.

3. You CAN have that need met.

Even though you might seem pulled in many directions right now, the Lord Jesus is waiting to put it all together for you. Perhaps as you look back, your life is a bit of a mess. Even worse, perhaps you even see some of your mother in yourself. You cringe, but you see it.

When will the cycle stop? Is the chain going to be broken in your generation or will your children face the same struggles as you?

The Buck Stops Here

The buck stops by you. Are you ready to face it now and start a new generation? If so, the starting point is very simple. It begins at the feet of Jesus. You see the Lord Jesus is the only one who can be the mother you always wanted.

He is the only one in this world who accepts you just the way you are. He understands and loves you even when you make a mess of things.

Just face the facts.

1. Your mother is not going to accept you now if she never did before.

2. Your husband is not capable and is not meant to meet that need.

3. Your children can never meet that need.

4. You will end up struggling to love even your own kids until you learn to love the Lord Jesus.

Jesus In Your Past

Now let's go back to that child on the slide. Perhaps you have a childhood memory of your own as I have shared. A time in your life where you were trying so hard to get your mother's attention or her love.

Think about that memory now.

There that child stands on the slide. "Mom look! Mom look!" Unfortunately Mom does not notice and you can see the bitter disappointment on the child's face. But all is not lost. Right at that moment, the Lord Jesus steps into the scene.

Standing at the end of the slide he opens and His arms and says, "Show me! Wow! You are such a big girl!"

The child's face breaks into a big smile as she hurtles down into His arms. Holding her and loving her, Jesus picks her up.

You see, by allowing Jesus into the painful memories of your past, you can relive those times and start to patch together the holes in your heart. This is not an overnight process, but it certainly gets the ball rolling.

The Lord Jesus is the only one in this world who can be the parent you so desperately needed.

He Was There

 He was there the day you were born. As you came out and lay on that table trying to open your eyes for the first time, He was looking down at you and saying, "I love you my child. I accept you. You are so precious and so beautiful"

No matter what you faced in the days that followed your birth, the Lord Jesus never left your side. Perhaps you were not aware of Him or perhaps you ignored Him, but He never forgot you. Take His hand now and invite Him into those memories.

Soon you will no longer say, "Who am I?" But you will KNOW! No longer competing or trying to be like everyone else, but having the confidence to

As you stand up in this new image, you will have something real and precious to pass onto your own children. The Lord Jesus stands by your side and waits. It's time to take His hand and to begin your journey into fixing the past...for a much brighter future.

Your Next Step

I cannot end without asking you to get the Transformed by His Presence E-book ( ) It is a complete study on taking Jesus into your past. Apply the principles yourself and teach them to your kids and those that look up to you.

I invite you to share your thoughts and struggles with me. Together we will start a new and bright future for our children and disciples alike.


Responses Posted For This Page

Response from Gail Neal : Thank you that was so beautiful, I am crying because @ 51 I am realising that I need to help my sons who are 28 and 25 and married to understand that Jesus loves them. How do I help my sons when my daughters-in-law dont want to talk to me. The Lord blessed me with 2 sons from my womb, but I see all four as my children. How to I help them. I just want all of them to know Jesus so they can be good loving parents to their children. But I will place my trust in Jesus, I know He will open the door for me to help my babies to bless and love their babies.

Thank you for blessing me with your article.
In His Love

Response from spiritualdove : I just finish reading this artical. When I was first save all I wanted in my life was Jesus But some how I fell in love with His Father, our Father God that is what I call Him, is that wrong to love the and need the Father God more then the son? I don't know.

Response from Sofia Wuech : I thank the LORD for this ministry, I am so encouraged in the faith.

Response from journey : i enjoyed this, i saw myself on the pages, here i am and still uncertain about who i am. yet i know the Lord loves me. i am at the point of searching for me, the woman not the ordained person or the Christian, just me, and i know the Lord wants me to find the answer to the questions that i have, that He will reveal every answer to me.
thank you for your ministry.

Response from Mona Lisa : I am so thankful for this message and just to come realise that Jesus love me and He was there from the moment I open my eyes at birth. Wow, what a true statement it is. Thank you once again that I don't need to compete or try to be someone else but have confindence in Jesus that I am special.

Response from R.J. : great article!

Response from M. : Great article. Many of us really need to understand the Greatness of Yeshua/Jesus. When we become aware of how Wonderful He is: Our Saviour, our Highest Priest, our King, the Captain of Heaven armies, The Lamb and the Leon of the tribe of Judah, the Glorious Angel of the Lord, the King who is about to return! Our King, our God! And when you realise that HE LOVES YOU!!!! No way you cannot be thankful about who you really are! God chose you from before the foundation of the earth! Come on! We women of God. How can we be sad about not fitting with the corrupted world standars! You know men needs us, real women to build blessed families that can say: Amen! Come back soon Lord Jesus!

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