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FINANCES. What We Believe

Seeing is Believing

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. (AMIV)
What are you hoping for? Faith always works. Stand in faith and watch things change!

Graphics, Photography and Design Are All Part of The Arts

They make life worth living! Creativity is inside all of us. The great thing about it, is once you get started, there is just no stopping! From poetry to drawing, writing, painting, design, cooking...the sky is the limit! 

Taking some of what I have learned and also what the Lord has shown me along the way, I hope to impart a few ideas to you. Here are a few of the subjects I cover. (Articles on the left hand side of this page).






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Graphic Tutorials

How do you get started? When I first started learning about graphics I was overwhelmed with the amount of information that was out there. It just looked so complicated. Not only that, but everyone just assumed that you knew the absolute basics.

Even once I had learned about all the tools in my graphics program, it still took me ages to find a starting point. All I wanted to do was resize a photo! After that, all I wanted to do was design a banner for my site. It took me hours of searching and reading.

Now if you have been doing graphics for some time now, perhaps this sounds silly to you. Unless you have someone to really sit you down and show you how to get started, it is really not obvious. So if you are like the rest of us and find yourself lost in a sea of information and confusion, then rest assured, because land is in sight!

To the left are simple tutorials that will help you get started with some basic design projects, taking you right up to some that are a little more comprehensive. There is something for everyone to learn.

Understanding Graphic Design

Understanding graphic design is not just about pressing the right buttons or tools. It is about knowing what looks and feels right.

It is a spiritual function. Start with a bit of knowledge, add the anointing to it and you are well on your way to designing beauty that others not only see...but FEE!


Website Design

I cringe when I think about our first websites. We did all the "DO NOT DO'S" as we felt our way around. We made the classic mistakes such as:


  • Centering all the text cause we thought it "looked cool."
  • Using a rainbow of colors because "the more the merrier" ...right?!
  • Full justifying all the reading text with huge paragraphs.
  • No headings!
  • Talking for pages all about ourselves, because surely everyone only cared about our great ministry!
  • Assuming that because folks landed on our site, they would be compelled to read its pages


Perhaps you are cringing yourself if you have ever set up a website. I will take you through some very simple steps that will help you make your website stand out AND look professional.

What if I am New to Web Design?

I can help you there too! It does not matter if you do not know anything about web design, I will show you what you need to get started. Trust is easier than you think. The most difficult thing about web design is not the work, but combating this picture in your mind that it is an impossible task.

So again, whether you are a newbie or have been doing this for a while, check out the tutorials to your left and see what you can glean and apply in your own business, ministry or personal website.



Photography Helps and Hints

It's easy to take a good picture right? Just point and shoot like the adverts show you. What I could never figure out, is that when I "pointed and shot" that my images were a far cry of what I saw in the holiday catalogues! Obviously I was doing something wrong.

I was even more keen when I got my first video camera. I could not wait to send my family all those wonderful videos of where we lived at the time. I have a very honest father that I am thankful for. My first feedback was...

"The mountains in Switzerland are great. All of them. The hours and HOURS of footage of them. The snow on them and all the rocks on them. However WHEN will I get some footage of you and the kids?!"

There really is such a thing as overdoing it in photography! So I learned as most other folks do, the hard way! I have come to spare you those very expensive lessons and help you out for free.

You can take really good photos that will leave your families asking for more. Not only that, but as you learn you could even use them for your own graphics, and if you are in ministry, use them for web and book cover design!

From taking photos to camera footage, there are a lot of things out there to learn. Again, the information can be quite overwhelming. I will give you the short cuts and simple principles you need to tap the talent that is hiding inside of you!


Music and Songwriting

There is a desire in all of us to write a song. Especially one others will sing. I am reminded of a very painful memory when I think about this though. We had a gentleman come to us for ministry for a short while. He was really excited about songwriting and said he had written many songs in the spirit.

Being polite and interested we invited him to sing them for us. Did I mention he had many MANY songs? Not only did he have many songs, but all of them sounded the same! It got worse...he could not sing in pitch. He never had a single decent structure for any song.

They just went on and on. They reminded me of the kind of songs Ruby sang all day when she was 4. She loved to sing and would make things up all day.

Walking around the house, she would sing of the birds and the sky and of the Lord. If she was lonely she would sing, "No one wants to play with me. Here I am alone and my sisters are still sleeeeeeeepinggggg...."

Funny songs, but the same pattern. No rhythm, no fun to listen to! Getting back to our virtuoso wannabe, How did we break it to this man after nearly an hour of suffering through his most prized renditions?

We had to break it softly, but we HAD to safe the poor person who came along after us and asked the same fateful thing, "Could you sing me one of your songs?"

I am here to save you that embarrassment. I am also here to show you how to get started.

Songwriting is Simple!

Anyone can do it. The principles I learned to write songs I passed onto my own children and soon they could write songs too. Yes...Ruby still walks around the house and sings all day, but thankfully her pitch has gotten better, even if her content still tends to stray to what she had for breakfast ...