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Giving you License to be ALL Woman

By Chaifa Thao

A while ago, I was in Apostle Colette's home when her daughters dug up an old box of Barbies they used to play with. It didn't take long for all of us to surround the box with "oohs" and "aahhhs."

If I must be completely honest - I was pretty excited. A flood of childhood memories came back to me as we rummaged through the different kinds of Barbies.

But then I came across this particular one that was quite strange. It was a little smaller than the rest and had short legs and a flat chest. I turned it around and there was a dial that you could turn.

So I turned the dial and you wouldn't believe what happened next?!

The Shock

With each turn, her breast grew bigger and her legs grew longer! Oh my goodness – it was "Puberty Barbie."

How weird, right? I thought it was completely strange and a bit disturbing. Then I stopped for a moment to think about it. I remembered what it was like to be a little girl. I dreamed of the figure that I would one day have when I became a woman: the full breast, the hips, the legs – how exciting!

How I dreamed of filling up my mother's blouse and strutting my "stuff" in my mother's heels. Oh, I could spend hours in her closet or sitting at her vanity... playing with all her "smell goods." I would layer them on me until I became a bouquet of every flower and spice on earth. I would put my little feet in her highest heels and make "clunk, clunk" noises all over the house.

It felt like forever until I would have a shapely body like hers, with breasts to fill up my dresses.

As a little girl, it is natural to WANT that figure that makes us woman. It is natural to want those curves that allure and identify us as woman.

That is why I want to give you the license today to embrace your curves! Don't hide them, but celebrate those hips that you have, the breasts that you have, or those killer legs that God gave you.

I was triggered into that long forgotten world again and was reminded of what a gift from God our femininity is. It is not to be hidden or something to be ashamed of, but something that each one of us should embrace and step into.

As believers we can get so "religious" that it feels like sin... to be a woman - to put on some heels, and swing those hips!

You know what though? What do you think Adam saw in Eve? What did king Ahasuerus see in Esther? Or how do you think Ruth prepared herself for Boaz?

Stopped Him Dead

I can imagine that when Eve was presented to Adam, he saw the curves, he saw the fullness of her femininity and he was pleased. Why do you think he said, "This is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh," in other words - she is mine!

Eve stopped him dead in his tracks - he was captivated.

Yes, God knew what Adam liked. He created man for woman and woman for man. So if you're one of those that have hidden your body and rejected your feminine figure for one reason or another... I am giving you full license right now to celebrate your figure.

If you are single and don't want to stay that way, then start showing some curves (okay – don't go overboard now ladies – keep it sanctified), and if you are married, then please your husband by showing your figure. Get a belt to cinch in that waist... get rid of the baggy shirt and unshapely jeans.

Your breasts, your legs, those hips... it is your inheritance from the Lord. So do not be ashamed of them, but be all women! You are gorgeous and if others can't see it – they're obviously blind.

Responses Posted For This Page

Response from Gail Boles : This blessed me greatly and you hit it right on the nail when you said that we get so religious that we don't know how to to live a normal life and embrace who we are a feminine woman. Well, I want to thank you for these words because I do embrace my feminity without apologies and I will continue to be an example to other womans to do the same.

Please write more!

Response from fredericka allen : Great article, you hit the nail on the head! Embrace ladies!

Response from charity weekes : I will definitely embrace my being a woman! Curves curves! Thank you for opening our minds about the gift of being a woman. God bless you AMI

Response from Sibongile Mtintsilana : Oh what a great advise, well done AMI, we really have to appreciate what God blessed us with.Keep up the good work.

Response from Thokozile Malaza : Great art work God did when designing a woman who is us. We are His favorites. God give His full attention to a woman's call. Our tears make a fertile ground for our prayers.
Keep up the good work. God bless you.

Response from Mercy Mutangadura : Wow, great article thanks for the reminder.

Response from Vuyo SA : I really like it when you said; we like to get so "religious" that it feel like sin... it is really like that. I've realized that honestly we need to embrace and be grateful for what God has given us as an inheritance. I'm so blessed to be in this circle of mysteries. May God use you more and more!

Response from Sushmitha : Thanks a lot! Very good article, I will celebrate.
Thank you so much GOD for your valuable gift to all woman.

Response from JesusLover : In the past, I wouldn't have been able to comment that this is a great article, but my comment is 'Great article!' The only think I would like to add, though, is a word for some women who may have been raped or molested in the past. A lot of times, when this has been the case, a girl or woman can have a tendency to want to hide their body because shame and fear have been a blocking factor. The encouragement I have is to be patient with yourself and know that God can and will heal you of any and all broken places. I write this because I have been there and can see where God has taken me out of that place and is still blowing residue off from time to time. Most people will either respond one of two ways: they will hide their body (out of shame and fear) or either excessively flaunt their body (because she feels this is her only worth).
I hope my comment is okay to be left here, and I only share this as you never know who may be reading. I know the frustration and impatience that one can vent against themselves when they don't seem to be able to 'be as they should be'. I pray this comment is an encouragement if any passes by this article who this comment can be a blessing to -- know this as you continually trust God, He will complete the healing process in your life.
Philippians 1:6 ~ Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:

Response from Judy : I must thank Jesus Lover because she really knows how difficult it is for women who suffered abuse to appreciate their femininity. It took me till the age of 53 believe it or not. So ladies if there are some of you in this horrible blocking factor that Jesus Lover calls it know that it will happen for you but you can speed up the process by praying and trusting God with all of your heart.

Response from : thank very much for such teaching which i never had, it had always bothered me about what iwas going to teach my now 3year old daugther. but thank God i met you. please keep it coming.

Response from Cassandra : This article truly blessed me. Thank you for letting the Holy Spirit explain about this delicate issue many ladies/ women experience. This was a wonderful teaching.

Response from Cassandra : This article truly blessed me. Thank you for letting the Holy Spirit explain about this delicate issue many ladies/ women experience. This was a wonderful teaching.

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