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FINANCES. What We Believe

Marriage, Ministry and Your Personal Life. A Mixture for Disaster, or a Dream Come True?

Ministry is not a hobby, but on the other hand it is not what defines you as a complete person. However if you do have a ministry calling I can bet that this is something you have struggled with. I know how you feel!

Apostle Colette Toach

My name is Colette Toach and being a woman is tough enough, add leadership, the call of God, Marriage and kids to that and you have a mix of chemicals that can create an atom bomb! However along the way I have learned a thing or two and with the help of the Holy Spirit have found a balance that truly is Heaven on earth.

Consoling my femininity with my ministry was easier than consoling it with my marriage at the beginning. I was brought up in a home where my femininity was encouraged and it never occurred to me that being an Apostle would have any standing on my gender. I was pretty naïve! However I think it was a good place to be.

My father encouraged me to be all that God had called me to do. Doing this was easy. Bringing someone else into the picture was not.

My husband Craig and I were married in 1995 and our life started with a BANG! We both had a fire for the Lord and both entered into full time ministry after just two years of marriage. I found out, though that I had a thing or two to learn about both marriage and ministry.

The 1st I learned was

My husband did not do things the same way as me.

The 2nd thing I learned was

My husband was the head of the home

The 3rd thing I learned was

My children were my first disciples.

The 4th thing I learned was

I cannot do the work of God alone

The 5th thing I learned was

All of my hobbies and interests are part of my call.

I expected from the start that Craig would have the same desires for ministry as I did. It was a shocking reality to see he was so different. He was just so…NICE?! He let people walk over him and (in my eyes) just did not stand up strongly enough.

Firstly Craig NEEDED to be nice. Heaven forbid there was two of “me” in the world. The Lord gave Craig and me to one another, to balance each other out. When I finally got this concept, we could rise up into a dynamic team.

From this foundation of marriage, I could rest also in my femininity and enjoy being a woman, wife and mother. I see so many women in the Body of Christ giving up this precious gift to “beat the guys” in positions of leadership. It is sad really.

The reality is that our femininity puts us in a place where we can stand in the fullness of who we are. When you can walk as a woman, a leader, a mother and wife all at the same time, only then are you fulfilling the fullness of your Ministry Calling.

Embracing WHO YOU ARE!

photographer Colette Toach

I have called this site The Esther Effect because the Lord does not only want you to rise up, He wants you to enjoy the journey! He wants you to be a woman and to shine as an example to those around you.

The Word says that we are as a city on a hill. So why hide your light? Why hide the beauty, inside and out, that God has given you?

You know God made Esther so beautiful that she was chosen above all women. Sarah was so attractive that at 100 the king took her! It is God’s design for you to stand in all your beauty and ability.

Unfortunately many daughters are not shown how to show this femininity from their mothers and their fathers never affirm it. I will thank the Lord that I was brought up in a Christian home with parents that taught me the fundamentals of life.

Fundamentals that I want to share with you, along with what God has taught me Himself along the way.

I want take you as the servants took Queen Esther and prepared her for the King.

I am here to show you:

1. That God created you to be beautiful inside AND OUT.

2. How to bring out your femininity.

3. How to stand as both a beautiful woman and a strong leader.

4. How to make your marriage SIZZLE again with passion.

5. How to make your children part of your ministry team.

6. How to be the kind of hostess that leaves everyone talking about you!

So Tell Me Something:

Do you want to be the kind of woman that is talked positively about all of the time?

Just imagine people saying this of you:

1. If you get invited to YOUR NAME HERE’s house, you are in for a treat, she’s an amazing cook!

2. You should see YOUR NAME HERE’s kids, you can have a conversation with them and they just shine with the Lord’s love!

3. Did you notice that YOUR NAME HERE’s husband is always saying how wonderful she is?

4. YOUR NAME HERE is such an example of a strong woman, who still gives such honor to her husband.

5. YOUR NAME HERE ministers with such anointing, but it is nothing compared to the love she shows to those that come into her home.

6. YOUR NAME HERE is amazing! I never met a woman who knows so much and does so much, but still has such a fire for the Lord!

7. YOUR NAME HERE is an example of the kind of woman I wish I was.

You CAN have it all!

You can have success in your ministry, marriage and personal life. All you need is someone to show you the way to go. It is what I am here for.

My heart burns for those women who just did not have mothers to show them the right way. So often I see young women rising up and trying so hard to be beautiful, but failing every time.

There is a Princess inside each one of us.

Every one of us has a secret desire to be that beautiful princess. We want to shine. We want to look, act and feel our best. I want you to know that not only is this God’s inheritance for you, but it is also vital to your ministry.

As you learn to know who are and stand in boldness, the anointing that is already inside of you will gush out like a river.

So are you ready for it?

A Personal Invitation

I invite you to become a princess and a queen today. I can see you now already, standing as Queen Esther before the King as he says to her, “YOU are the one I choose.”

Go ahead and subscribe to my mailing list to the right. Just put your e-mail in the box and I will be in touch with you.

You can also view my articles, but I also want to hear from you. I am here to help you through the most wonderful metamorphosis of your life. Take my hand and let us begin.

Into the court of the King we go….together….



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